ApexBot For Discord Is A Apex Legend Bot For Check Your Stats In Apex Legend Game. ApexBot Is Easy To Use And You Can Add Him To Your Server For Free. Also You Can Link Your Account For Use Short Command And Not The Full Command. ApexBot Work For PC XBOX And PS4. ApexBot Prefix Is a! But You Can Change It! Hope You Will Use Our Bot.

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Bot Stats

ApexBot Live Stats


Prefix : a!

Name Usage Description
Apex Commands
apexa!apex [platform] <name>Apex Stats
user linka!user link <name>To Link Your Account.
user unlinka!user unlinkTo Unlink Your Account.
usera!userIf Your Account Linked.
Nickname Commands
setnick (kills)a!setnick [platform] killsTo Set Your Kills Into Your Nickname..
setnick (lvl)a!setnick [platform] lvl To Set Your Level Into Your Level.
setnick (both)a!setnick [platform] bothTo Set Your Level And Your Kills Into Your Nickname.
setnick nonea!setnick noneTo Set Your Nickname To Default.
Other Commands
helpa!helpShow All Of Apex Bot Commands.
votea!voteTo See Apex Bot Vote Stats And Your Vote Status.
pinga!pingShow The Bot Ping.
prefixa!prefix <prefix>To Set Apex Bot Prefix.
botinfoa!botinfoShow All The Info About Apex Bot.
invitea!inviteTo Invite The Bot To Your Server.

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